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  • Desk-top Magnetron Sputtering System

Desk-top Magnetron Sputtering System

  • a small magnetron sputtering coating instrument, which is characterized by its small size, It is used to deposit all kinds of metal and compound functional films on the surface of the Max.100mm wafer substrate.
  • Equipped with ONE 2-inch magnetron cathodes, it can be sputtered separately or two targets.

A small magnetron sputtering coating instrument, which is characterized by its small size, It is used to deposit all kinds of metal and compound functional films on the surface of the Max.100mm wafer substrate.

Equipped with ONE 2-inch magnetron cathodes, it can be sputtered separately or two targets.

The sputtering modes include DC magnetron sputtering, DC reactive sputtering and RF magnetron sputtering. The process operation of the equipment is automatically controlled through the touch screen interface.

Vacuum Chamber: Ф300mm,Material is 304 stainless steel;

Turbo Molecular Pump: 600L/S,CF150

2-inch magnetron cathode

Magnetic target baffle

DC power supply:1KW

RF power supply: 600W

Substrate rotating table, substrate 4 inch Maximum

Substrate heating system:  400℃ Maximum

Air circuit solenoid isolation valve

Mass Flowmeter,Ar, N2/02

Cooling water separator

Electric Control System:Touch screen, control software

Rotating substrate table: substrate heating: room temperature ~ 400 ℃ ± 1 ℃, PID control.

Rotation speed: 0-30rpm, continuously adjustable.

Vacuum degree: limit vacuum degree: less than 5X10-4Pa

Magnetron sputtering power supply: 1 X1000w DC power supply, 1X600w RF power supply

Sputtering vacuum chamber: system reaction chamber: Ф300XH300 (subject to the actual design), the rear part is connected with the transfer chamber, and there is a DG150 flange interface on the side to install the turbo molecular pump air extraction system.

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