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  • Vacuum Arc Furnace

Vacuum Arc Furnace

  • melting sample size is about 5-20g, up to 3500 ℃, which can meet the needs of most laboratories.
  • Small volume melting chamber (about 1.1 L) ensures fast gas flow and low consumption
  • Free movement, water-cooled electrode

melting sample size is about 5-20g, up to 3500 ℃, which can meet the needs of most laboratories.

Small volume melting chamber (about 1.1 L) ensures fast gas flow and low consumption

Free movement, water-cooled electrode

Detachable water cooled copper crucible plate with trough crucible

Crucible plate (with custom mold)

Reliable, non-contact arc ignition

Powerful arc melting generator, maximum 300A, integrated.

Equipped with pressure gauge and valve (at the gas inlet to the arc melting chamber)

Small mechanical pump (can be built in)

Safety measures: if the temperature of copper crucible exceeds the set value or the eye protection cover is opened, the arc will be automatically shut down

Dimensions: (W x D x H): 430 x 650 x 750 mm

Connection: 220 V / 50 / 60 Hz

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