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  • AZO rotating/plane target

AZO rotating/plane target

  • For optical coating, vacuum coating, sputtering target material, magnetic film, electronic material, alloy material, etc.

Component (wt%): Al2O3: ZnO = 2:98

Purity: ≥ 99.95%

Density: ≥ 5.56 (g / cm3)

Relative density: ≥ 99.3%

Resistivity: ≤ 3x10 - 3 Ω. Cm

Outer diameter of target: φ 150-160mm

Steel pipe diameter: od133mm / id125mm

Length: ≤ 4m

According to the requirements of the drawing


Thin film solar cell

Low-E coated glass

Automobile coated glass

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