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  • Titanium Round Disc for Dentistry

Titanium Round Disc for Dentistry

  • Titanium Round Disc for Dentistry
  • Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Ti6AL4V ELI, Ti6AI7Nb
  • Standard: ASTM F67, ISO 5832-2, ASTM F1295, ISO5832-11
  • Size(mm): Type 1(DIA98x THK10/12/14/16), Type 2(20g,25g,30g,35g,40g)
  • Height:50-300mm
  • Technique: Forged
  • Surface finish: Polished
  • Status: Rolled & Annealed

Medical Titanium Bar for Bone Nail Implant

Grades: TA3, TA4, TC4, TC4 ELI, Grade 5, Ti6AL4V ELI, Gr23

Standard: ASTM F136, ISO 5832-3

Size(mm): DIA3.5, DIA4.0, DIA4.5, DIA5.0, DIA5.5, DIA6.0, DIA8, DIA10, DIA12

Shape: Round

Length: up to 3000mm

Surface finish: Polished

Tolerance Grade: h9-h7


Application: locking screw, lag screw.

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