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  • Float glass productionline used quartz ceramic hollow roller

Float glass productionline used quartz ceramic hollow roller

  • Float glass productionline used quartz ceramic hollow roller

It is used as transition roll and annealing roll in float glass production line instead of heat-resistant steel and asbestos roll. Three links for zinc smelting industry. Ceiling tiles in the process of processing. Support for electronic industry.

Main features:

Low thermal conductivity. It can reduce the supercooling of the edge and bottom surface of the glass ribbon and eliminate the stress crack.

The surface of fused silica ceramic roller is smooth and free from tin dust, which can effectively reduce the defects such as nodulation on the glass surface.

The fused silica ceramic roller does not deform at high temperature, which directly improves the quality of glass products.

Good wear resistance, less defects, less roll changing times, higher production efficiency and lower cost.

Special connection structure between steel head and roller body, so as to never loosen.

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