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  • Fused silica ceramic hollow roller

Fused silica ceramic hollow roller

  • Fused silica ceramic hollow roller

The fused silica ceramic hollow roller can be used as annealing roller or furnace bottom roller.

The structure is well proportioned and the quality is improved by adopting coagulation injection process.

The material has good thermal stability, no deformation at high temperature, and the maximum service temperature is 1100 ℃

It can be replaced in hot state.

High machining accuracy.

Stable chemical properties. The material is pure and does not pollute the transported product.

Good wear resistance and long service life.

Main applications:

Supporting and conveying materials in annealing furnace of non oriented silicon steel production line and galvanizing line.

Transition roller table and annealing roller in float glass production line.

Roller table in other heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace and sedimentation furnace.

Standard External Path: 120; 125; 150; 180

Standard Length: 2050;  1750;  1800;  1950;  2400; 

1800; 2050

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